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A new innovation in mobile phone technology is invented by Huawei in initiating the launch of a new Huawei Smartphone with fewer bezels and notches. The mobile phone world develops in a rapid way nowadays. Many improvement and innovation launched by mobile phone producers to attract the market and consumers. The new ear mobile phone with fewer bezels and notches will be the latest trends in this year.

Huawei Initiates the New Phones with Sliding Camera Feature

As Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy 10 which became the hit with its cut-out screen for the camera feature as well as seen in Honor View 20. Other mobile phone producers want to release the new level of experience in their product but with a different perspective. Huawei seems to be one of those phone producers who want to give more for their users. Huawei wants to minimize the bezels and notches on the phone with the full-screen phone. As the addition to give new excitement to the user, Huawei provides the phone with sliding camera

The peak of the new Huawei phone with a sliding camera is shown by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) as the Huawei patent holders. People are looking for selfie camera as it becomes one of the most looking features on the smartphone. The need for a good camera with high resolution and pixels which can give clear pictures and HD video is needed for various purposes, such as live streaming, posting the pictures on social media and others.

The Features

Based on the pictures released by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) as the Huawei patent holders, Huawei has a dual lens camera in the back and front which attached to the sliding camera. This Smartphone offers a full screen that can make the user comfortable to watch a video or play the game. The full-screen phone is the latest phone features presented by the latest version of smartphones, as you can see in VIVO, Xiami, and Samsung.

You can see the small bezels below the phone’s screen, but you barely see the bezels on the top of the screen. There will be the slide out feature on the phone which can be switched up. You will see the dual camera in there; in the middle of the slide-out camera, you can see the flash. The slim body makes this new Huawei smartphone looks classy and elegant.

This phone seems doesn’t have the fingerprint feature. This can imply that this smartphone built based on the screen or based on the on-off button. However, Huawei hasn’t officially announced about the launched of the new phone in recent time. It indicates that Huawei has a future plan to invent new innovation which focuses on the sliding camera and fewer bezels for better design.

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